Hi, my name is Simon Askey. I’m a fully qualified driving instructor (A.D.I.) who is based in Penn. I offer driving lessons in Wolverhampton and it’s surrounding areas. I have a friendly, flexible and relaxed style of coaching with over 5 years experience and an excellent pass rate. A lesson with me will be rewarding as I provide a safe and enjoyable environment where you can learn at your own pace but still achieve new milestones on your journey to passing your driving test. Please call me at 07910 701670 and ‘Ask2Pass’.

What I Offer


Lessons from an ADI Certified Instructor.


An enjoyable and challenging driving scheme.


A friendly and relaxed environment for learning.

Pricing & Payment

Choose a payment plan that works for you

* Lessons provided will be on a one-to-one basis with the full-hour guaranteed

Pay As You Go - 1 Hour

Beginners Deal

THREE 1-Hour Lessons for £48

Must have no previous driving experience

Block Booking

TEN 1-Hour Lessons for £230

Paid in Advance